The Cave Cube consists of an extruded frame, and an OLED light. The extruded frame contains batteries, a charging connection and an on/off button. It is therefore possible to either replace the batteries or to charge them directly.
The lamp can be extruded in different sizes and can be used in different ways. If a longer part is extruded, the light can also be used as a stand or pendant light. The light is especially suitable for product photography or as a portable element, e.g. as a camping light.

The Cave Cube was a Design Project in my Erasmus Semester in Budapest. The Task was to design a Product with extruded Aluminium. First i collected some Ideas and figured out that i wanted to design a light. The Basic Idea was to have a concave extruded part where the light comes out and a Frame for the half circle.

Construction Improvement
OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are panels made from organic carbon based materials that emit light when electricity is applied. OLED is the only technology that can create large area lighting panels as opposed to point or line lighting enabled by LEDs and Fluorescent bulbs.
In this case the OLED would make the construction of the light much easier. It is thinner and more bendable than LED and does not need a diffuser. Therefore there is no need for the fastening construction anymore.
The idea of the shape is to combine two simple geometric forms. One is the semi circle, the other is a halved cube.
In order to create a sustainable lamp I didn‘t want to waste the light. The ends of the semi circle were directly facing each other, meaning the light on these points would be wasted. Therefore I decided to change the angle of the cut from (180°) to (170°).


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